Decarbonize HPC and AI Workloads with Renewable Energy

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Lancium Compute is on a mission to set computation free from fossil fuels. We host HPC and AI workloads in our green data centers that are powered 100% by renewable energy. Join our mission to accelerate the use and deployment of more renewable energy.

Why Lancium Compute

Shorten Time to Value

Lancium’s HPC PaaS platform enables anyone to easily launch HPC and AI applications and retrieve the output data. With the sole focus on HPC and AI applications, we eliminate many of the time-consuming DevOps activities.

Decarbonize HPC and AI

We power the HPC and AI applications with 100% renewable energy by building our data centers in renewable energy rich areas such as West Texas. We not only provide carbon free computing but also accelerate the deployment of more renewable energy.

Lowest Cost

Our goal is to offer the best TCO for running your HPC and AI applications. The PaaS platform eliminates many of the costly and time-consuming DevOps activities. We have teams that procure inexpensive renewable energy for our data centers.


Our Solutions



HPC PaaS is our standard Lancium Compute offering. We provide API and CLI to submit your jobs to run on our platform.

Custom HPC PaaS

Custom HPC PaaS

We can customize the Hardware of our HPC PaaS offering to suit your needs and still use our PaaS software stack and interfaces

Custom HPC Cloud

Custom HPC Cloud

Closest to a traditional co-location solution, our Custom HPC Cloud offering allows you to control the equipment being used as well as how it is accessed.

Champions of Change

Open Science Grid
Reaction Engineering International
University of California, San Diego
Tyler Capital

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