With 5th Patent, Lancium Powers Ahead In Fast-Ramping Data Center Innovation
March 31, 2020

Houston — Lancium™, a data center technology company, has secured its fifth patent. This latest patent covers an essential function of Lancium Smart Response™ power management software, which allows data centers to ramp their power consumption up or down in as little as five seconds.

The software was originally developed so that the company’s data centers could co-locate at wind farms and consume excess power. However, the grid-stabilizing capabilities of Lancium software have attracted the interest of companies operating traditional data centers.

Covered by this new and other existing and pending patents, Lancium Smart Response™ allows data centers to adjust server electricity consumption based on power grid conditions such as price, frequency or ancillary service revenue. Lancium Smart Response™ software is functional today on most Bitcoin Mining ASICs with traditional servers coming soon.

As data center power demand continues to escalate, Lancium Smart Response™ software can unlock huge power costs savings for data center owners. The software also provides critical services to the power grid ensuring reliability and resiliency. As every grid takes on more renewable energy, the power market will need much greater quantities of demand response. Lancium Smart Response™ functionality enables data centers to provide this crucial service.

“We are thrilled that our innovations are again recognized by the US Patent Office,” said Lancium CEO Michael McNamara. “As we are now commercializing Lancium Smart Response™, we look forward to working with major data center operators to enable large cost savings and help them achieve their Environmental, Social and Governance objectives.”

The US Patent and Trademark Office awarded Lancium the patent number 10,608,433 for, “Methods and Systems for Adjusting Power Consumption based on a Power Option Agreement.”

About Lancium

Lancium is a technology company creating software, technical solutions and energy infrastructure that together are decarbonizing the grid. Lancium strives to be the leader in green, low-cost infrastructure that will power the next generation of cryptocurrency mining and other distributed energy-intensive applications. Its solutions help ensure that renewable energy can power our future. Lancium has numerous issued and pending patents. For more information visit www.lancium.com, and follow Lancium on Twitter and LinkedIn.