Abilene Campus

Lancium’s Abilene Campus: Building A Brighter Future

Creating a more reliable, resilient electric grid.

Investing in the Future

Lancium’s Clean Campus facility in Abilene is a data center that will host a range of advanced computing applications. These sites will be home to both bitcoin mining and high throughput computing – a type of advanced cloud computing for applications like medical research, video production and aircraft/vehicle design.

Supporting Grid Reliability

Our Clean Campus facilities are designed to act as a resource to improve the reliability of the electric grid. Lancium is able to quickly adjust its power usage based on the needs of the electric grid. For example, in times of high demand on the system, Lancium can power down its facility which improves the reliability of the electric grid. Lancium has also invested to upgrade the transmission system which helps increase the resiliency of the grid around Abilene.

Investing in the Community

The addition of the Abilene Clean Campus will have significant benefits for the local community. At full operation, the Clean Campuses will employ 57 full-time employees with an average salary of $67,000. An analysis by the Development Corporation of Abilene found that the addition of the Clean Campus to the region would yield nearly $1 billion in economic impact over the next 20 years as a result of increased local spending and tax revenue by Lancium and its employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a Clean Campus?

Our Clean Campus facilities are large data center operations that are designed to be used by energy- intensive applications like bitcoin mining and advanced computing. Instead of just another data center, Lancium’s proprietary software allows us to operate these data centers in a way that improves the r eliability of the electric grid and incentivizes the buildout of new power generation.

Why did you choose Abilene?

In looking for a site, we have a number of criteria that includes areas with surrounding renewable energy, plenty of land, nearby cities and the infrastructure to support our employees and investment in the community.

Abilene meets all those criteria and more. We have been privileged to work with a passionate and dedicated group of people across Taylor County that demonstrates this is an ideal location for us to build and grow our company.

Will this facility create power issues for the region?

No, in fact, our facility will play a role in helping strengthen the electric grid across Texas. How Lancium operates its facilities is done in a way to help provide increased reliability and resiliency to the electric grid. In the event of tight power supplies, Lancium will power down its facility to help the electric grid andfree up additional energy for homes and businesses across Texas.

What should neighbors expect during the construction and operation?

We are committed to being good neighbors and limiting any impact on the local area through our construction and operations of the facility. While there will be some traffic and noise associated with construction, we are doing our best to minimize that. We are working on moving the facility entrance to Old Anson Rd, versus using the current Spinks Rd. entrance, which should address many of the traffic issues in the neighborhood.

Once the site is operational, we do not expect much of an impact to current neighbors. We have been working to engineer the building in a way that cuts down on the need for large fans or cooling equipment and will continue to study any impact from the facility and how we might mitigate it.

As we develop our facility, we want to keep our neighbors up to date and will provide newsletter update to keep residents aware of what’s going on, as well as opportunities to meet with us and hear more about our progress.

Who do I contact if I have a question?

We look forward to working with any neighbors who may have concerns to answer any questions – just email us at Abilene@lancium.com and sign up below to receive email updates from Lancium.

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