How We're Advancing the Energy Transition

Balancing Energy

The move away from fossil fuels toward cleaner generation sources like wind and solar is helping to reduce CO2 emissions, but also presents real, practical challenges for the power grid.

Today, large-scale renewable generation is often located far away from places like cities, where the most demand exists. Because our current transmission infrastructure cannot move this power efficiently between these points, renewably generated power often becomes “stranded” near where it’s generated. This results in very low, or even negative power prices – which are a disincentive for additional renewable development.

Lancium locates its large-scale Clean Campuses on the power grid near excess renewable generation and stranded energy. Enabled by our proprietary, cutting-edge Lancium Smart Response technology, these campuses nimbly help to balance the power grid and enhance reliability.

We create technologies that...

Grow clean energy production

Enable next generation computing

Encourage the development of new renewable generation

Bring flexibility and stability to the power grid

Leadership Team

A joint commitment to innovation

Our leadership team is made up of utility, computing and energy experts who are focused on finding solutions to optimize the use of clean power for a more resilient future.

Our board brings insight and knowledge from sectors including private equity, energy services, petrochemical, technology, finance, gaming, real estate and more.

A Culture of Collaboration and Common Purpose

Our team is bound by a common vision, a core set of values and a passion for progress.

Our values embody the culture and character of our company, empowering our people to advance our mission and leave the planet better than we found it. As a company, we:

  • Innovate, iterate and improve: Accelerating the energy transition and enabling the power grid of the future requires bold, new ideas.
  • Are solution oriented: Our team is focused on finding solutions that enable the power grid of the future.
  • Win as a team: Winning as a team requires flexibility, open-mindedness, collaboration and inclusivity.

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