Power is All You Need

Delivering low cost, clean energy
Gigawatt-scale Clean Campuses
Managed Services at Your Location

Enabling the Scale and Speed Demanded by Data Center Operators

AI’s demand for compute and datacenters is wildly unprecedented, far outpacing previous “mega” trends, and - likely - every current model is underestimating what is ahead.

Compute loads at this scale require fundamentally different infrastructure innovation in site design and operational models. At the same time, interaction with grid operators is being transformed with loads the size of power plants.

Lancium is an energy technology and infrastructure company uniquely positioned to catalyze and enable this transition with its innovative proprietary technology allowing large gigawatt-scale loads to interconnect with the grid with flexibility.

A Different Kind of Thinking.
A Different Kind of Company.

Learn how we are accelerating the energy transition and shaping a future where technology, energy, and infrastructure act in unison and balance.

Why Lancium?

Lancium is a leading energy technology and infrastructure company dedicated to accelerating the energy transition.

We solve the top challenges faced when operating modern data centers.

Time-to-Market Advantage

Developable, ready to go data center sites

2.5GW+ interconnect approvals in ERCOT

Additional 5+ GW interconnects in process

Lowest Delivered Energy Cost

AI/ML-optimized energy strategies

Dynamic orchestration across generation and load resources

Strategic campus locations in ERCOT

Maximized Carbon Free Energy

Abundant, proximate wind and solar resources

Ability to add behind-the-meter solar

Energy storage to enable both carbon and reliability

Profitable Operation at Scale

Campus-level flexibility to accelerate new load approvals

Proprietary technology to deliver grid reliability and workload reliability

Economic optimization across firm and flexible loads

Learn how Lancium is powering the future.

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Download Our Whitepaper

Download “Impact of Large, Flexible Data Center Operations on the Future of ERCOT,” which outlines how flexible data centers can increase grid resiliency, speed the growth of renewable energy, and reduce carbon emissions.

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