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Software and technical solutions that enable the faster decarbonization of the electrical grid.

Occurrences of Negatively Priced Power


Renewable energy is the future. Wind and solar are now the cheapest sources of power nearly everywhere.

But to solve intermittency and congestion issues, the grid needs new solutions at very large scale.

Actual real time data showing a Smart Response™ enabled Bitcoin mine stabilizing frequency and following grid operator instructions on April 13, 2021.

Lancium Smart Response™

A key component of the renewable grid is responsive load.

In 2020, Lancium enabled the world’s first “Controllable Load Resource” data center. Today it works for Bitcoin mining but traditional computing is next.

Smart Response™ allows data centers to resolve congestion
and provide critical ancillary services back to the grid.

Lancium Clean Computing Campuses™

Lancium is building a series of data centers across Texas. By acting as Controllable Load Resources, the net effect on the electrical system is carbon negative.

These campuses are located adjacent to critical transmission system points that are often overwhelmed by excess wind and solar energy.

Individually, each site will be one of the world’s largest. Collectively, we think they can materially reduce CO2 emissions.

Render of Phase 1 (200MW) of a Lancium Clean Computing Campus in Texas

Lancium Compute

Lancium Compute is a scheduling and orchestration system for high throughput computing.

By pausing and migrating interruptible computing, Lancium Compute creates a carbon negative Cloud.