Lancium Breaks Ground on Abilene Clean Campus

ABILENE, TX – Nov. 3, 2022 – Lancium Inc., an energy technology and infrastructure company that advances the decarbonization and stability of the electric power grid, announced it has broken ground on its flagship Clean Campus in Abilene, Texas. Lancium’s Abilene Campus is over 1,000 acres and will be home to a variety of industries that are powered by low-cost renewable energy.

“What’s so exciting is that unlike other large-scale power users, the applications that will be located on our Campuses can operate flexibly. This means instead of just being a large power consumer, working with ERCOT we can return power to the grid when it’s needed most,” said Michael McNamara, co-founder and chief executive officer of Lancium. “Our customers benefit from green, low-cost power while strengthening the power grid at the same time. This is a win-win. And we will continue to partner with the Abilene community as we develop our site.”

The Abilene facility will be built out in phases over the next several years. Lancium is currently working to develop the full site as additional partners come on board, with the initial interest from bitcoin miners and high performance computing services.

“Lancium’s development is a tremendous opportunity to ensure the viability of the community through the diversification of our economy,” said Misty Mayo, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Development Corporation of Abilene (DCOA). “This opportunity to bring well-paying quality technology jobs to our community is one of the many ways we are continuing to build a better future for the families of Abilene.”

Lancium Clean Campuses are located in regions where renewable generation is plentiful. Lancium broke ground on its first Clean Campus in Fort Stockton, Texas in September 2021. A few weeks ago, using Lancium Smart Response™ technology, the Fort Stockton facility qualified as a Controllable Load Resource in ERCOT because of its unique ability to adjust power consumption, or load, up or down within seconds as directed by ERCOT. CLRs must also be able to react independently to conditions on the power grid, such as the unexpected loss of generation capacity. Once operational, the Abilene Clean Campus will also operate as a controllable load resource.

“The location of our Clean Campus facilities, paired with our groundbreaking Lancium Smart Response™ technology provides an attractive location for large power users,” continued McNamara. “We have received interested from a number of potential customers in locating at our Clean Campus sites, and we look forward to incorporating these other applications into our site plans as we build out the campus.”

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