Lancium’s Fort Stockton Facility Qualifies as ERCOT Controllable Load Resource

Lancium, Inc., an energy technology and infrastructure company that advances the decarbonization and stability of the electric power grid, today announced the company’s Fort Stockton, Texas Clean Campus has been qualified as a “Controllable Load Resource” (CLR) by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT). As a CLR, large power users can reduce their energy costs by dynamically avoiding periods of high prices while simultaneously providing highly desired grid stability services.

“More extreme weather and increasing demand for power present new challenges for the electrical system. By using Lancium Smart Response™ we have uniquely proven that large power consumers can be transformed into a resource for power grid operators during times of stress,” said Michael McNamara, co-founder and chief executive officer of Lancium. “Historically, only power generators could provide specific critical services to help balance the electric grid and ensure grid stability. We are excited that ERCOT has certified our Fort Stockton facility to provide these necessary and valuable resources to the power grid at scale.”

Background on Controllable Load Resources (CLR)

A CLR is a designation by ERCOT. Entities in the CLR load category can provide grid stability services because of their unique ability to adjust power consumption, or “load,” up or down within seconds as directed by ERCOT. CLRs must also be able to independently react to conditions on the power grid, such as the unexpected loss of generation capacity. To qualify as a CLR, an operator must meet stringent technical requirements and successfully demonstrate the ability to proportionally respond to the needs of the power grid, as opposed to simply shutting off. It is this flexibility that makes CLRs very unique and valuable.

Lancium Smart Response™ in action

During the summer of 2022, ERCOT experienced multiple days of record power demand. During that time, Lancium used its Lancium Smart Response™ software to dynamically adjust power usage at its Fort Stockton facility during peak periods. By doing so, Lancium avoided peak power prices and returned power to the grid when it was needed most.

“For large energy consumers, the ability to manage power consumption using Lancium Smart Response™ can be a competitive advantage,” said Michael McNamara, CEO of Lancium. “Beyond the benefits to an individual business, as the energy transition continues, power grid operators will be increasingly challenged by the natural intermittency of renewable power generation. The ability to adjust power consumption within seconds based on economics, grid conditions or return power in an emergency is a real game changer.”

Since 2017, Lancium has invested millions of dollars and tens of thousands of personnel hours in research and development efforts to improve the efficient operation and dispatchability of rampable datacenters. Lancium holds a number of patents for the technologies it has developed. As a result of these efforts, in June 2020, Lancium successfully qualified the first datacenter CLR in ERCOT’s history.

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