Lancium’s Low-Cost, Zero Carbon Platform for HPC and AI Applications to be available through CCEX Cloud Commodities Exchange

Lancium, Inc., an energy technology and infrastructure company that advances the decarbonization and stability of the electric power grid, and CCEX, Cloud Commodities Exchange GmbH, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to make Lancium’s low-cost, renewably-powered Compute Cloud platform for High-Performance Computing (HPC) and AI applications available to customers and scientific communities across Europe.

“The rise of ESG and green IT initiatives have given a new urgency for high-performance computing that is both low-cost and low-carbon,” said Dr. Andrew Grimshaw, president of Lancium Compute. “Lancium’s unique solution allows us to provide zero-carbon computing with a lower total cost of ownership than onsite premise resources. Our partnership with CCEX will be a benefit to customers and also plays a central role in advancing the decarbonization of the computing sector.”

Lancium builds and operates “Clean Campuses,” which are flexible data centers in areas with excess renewable energy. By locating these facilities near excess renewable energy, Lancium can power its data centers with low-cost power. These centers are enabled by Lancium’s Smart Response™ software which allows the company to ramp electric consumption up and down based on grid conditions without affecting computing jobs in the process. This solution creates a new, dynamic approach to running HPC and AI workloads by supporting the stability of the electric grid while also encouraging additional renewable energy development.

“There is tremendous interest in Lancium’s Cloud Offerings for HPC and AI by the scientific communities and universities across Europe to support the decarbonization and energy security goals,” said Sanjai Marimadaiah, chief revenue officer of Lancium Compute. “Our partnership with CCEX will help fulfill the demand faster and seamlessly. We plan to replicate the success with our commercial customers across Europe”

“Lancium’s green product offering built on open source technology aligns perfectly with the standardized cloud commodities specified by CCEX and the sustainability goals of European cloud consumers”, said Dr. Johannes Watzl, chief technology officer of CCEX. ”The combination of green energy usage and the smart way of optimizing the power grid by offering cloud services helps consumers to achieve their decarbonization goals and adds to the global efforts to reduce CO2 emissions. Moreover, Lancium’s resources can be used to offload compute jobs in times of natural gas shortages where feasible. We are excited to partner with Lancium in the coming years.”

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