Lancium’s energy technology and infrastructure solutions deliver the lowest cost, green energy at scale.

Lancium's innovative and sustainable energy orchestration and management solutions, anchored at our Clean Campus facilities, were developed for the data centers of the future and the world’s most energy-intensive workloads. We are a full-scale REP & QSE, power trading desk, and our proprietary AI/ML-driven solutions empower our clients to achieve their goals for carbon-neutral energy, maximize energy efficiency, and strengthen grid reliability. Lancium is experiencing rapid growth, currently overseeing 1000MWs of data center workloads and continuously expanding our portfolio. Whether implemented at one of our Clean Campus locations or your site, our solutions deliver their full value as a managed service.

Clean Campus Locations

Gigawatt-scale campuses strategically located in ERCOT

Lancium REP/QSE services for simplicity, and ease of operations

Complete infrastructure & operations including grid interconnect, engineering & construction, and renewables interconnect project mgmt

AI/ML-driven energy structuring, procurement, strategy, & management

Power advisory services delivering market & energy optimization

Providing grid interface and demand response for ancillary services, curtailment, economic dispatch, and 4CP management

Managed Services

Proprietary Lancium Smart Response® software platform with full integration at your location

Lancium REP/QSE services for simplicity, and ease of operations

Lancium’s innovative power advisory and optimization services for complete portfolio management, day-ahead, and real-time strategy and execution

Operate your load as a CLR gaining access to maximized revenue outcomes

Real-time proactive 24x7 monitoring of the solution end-to-end by Lancium’s state-of-the-art network operations center

Lancium Clean Campus

Large scale, flexible data centers

Lancium was founded in 2017 with the vision to bring very large loads to strategic locations with abundant renewable energy and the opportunity to connect these gigawatt-scale loads to the grid. Our technology and managed services at these locations enable lowest deliver cost and maximum green energy. We orchestrate multiple sources of energy including grid connected and local generation, as well as storage resources to provide essential flexibility while meeting the requirements of both firm and flexible workloads at our campuses.

Abilene Clean Campus:

  • 1,100 acres
  • 200MW energized
  • 1000MW energized 2025
  • AEP service territory
  • Tax abatement in form of city & county PILOT
  • Zoned for light & heavy industrial
  • Additional 1,000MWs in process

Childress Clean Campus:

  • 3,000 acres
  • 1,000MW interconnect approved
  • Adjacent to abundant solar & wind resource
  • Heavy industrial zoning underway
  • Abatement in process
  • Additional 1,000MWs in process

Fort Stockton Clean Campus:

  • 110 acres
  • 325MW capacity
  • Texas New Mexico Power service territory
  • Home to bitcoin mining hosting & other applications

Additional ERCOT Campuses in Development

  • 2,500 acres
  • 3.9GW capacity
  • AEP territory

Lancium Smart Response® Managed Service

Our proprietary technology

Our patented Lancium Smart Response® software enables large data centers to flexibly adjust the amount of energy they consume based on economics or conditions on the power grid. Our solution smartly adjusts power consumption in concert with grid conditions, optimizing both usage and cost.

Lancium Smart Response® Managed Service is an end-to-end solution providing our customers the maximum financial benefit above and beyond normal operations. Acting as both the Retail Electric Provider (REP) and the Qualified Scheduling Entity (QSE) allows us to provide one transparent price for the solution inclusive of our expert power advisory services. The service is monitored 24×7 via our Customer Success Network Operations Center.

Combine power consumption from individual servers to create a large controllable load.

Dynamically adjust power consumption up or down depending on the conditions of the power grid or energy prices

Automatically react to unplanned events, such as the shutdown of a large power generation unit, by diverting needed power to the grid within seconds

Industries We Serve

Mega-scale AI Data Centers

Green Hydrogen Production

Bitcoin Data Center

Utility Customers

Learn how Lancium is powering the future.

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