Solutions for Energy-Intensive Industries

Power Orchestration

We provide power orchestration for large, flexible power users to nimbly adjust usage based on various factors, including the power price and conditions on the power grid. This provides customers a competitive advantage through significantly lower power costs. 

Utility Companies

With grid events becoming more common, Lancium works with utility companies to help stabilize the power grid by applying our power orchestration capabilities at scale. 

Using our Lancium Smart Response™ technology, we turn large industrial loads into a flexible resource that can be ramped down within seconds, avoiding the need to activate customer demand-side management programs.

AI and HPC

AI and HPC applications consume a tremendous amount of energy. Lancium offers customers in this space several options to help speed time to value.

Lancium’s Clean Campuses enable custom design and development of infrastructure in regions with significant wind and solar resources. Our sites have developed and approved access to power and are designed for power optimization. 

Lancium’s Land, Power and Controllable Load (LPC) option delivers customers the full benefit of campuses, along with grid scale power orchestration as a service.

renewably-powered datacenters

Green Fuel Production

Green fuels are an important piece of the low-carbon economy of the future.

Lancium enables large-scale electrolyzer facilities to operate on 100% renewables and achieve breakthrough economics via modulation of processes to maximize production at the lowest net cost of energy. 

This approach can be used at a location of your choice or by locating your facility at one of Lancium’s Clean Campuses with access to low-cost, renewable energy.

mine bitcoin off solar power

Bitcoin Mining

Because Bitcoin mining loads can be ramped up and down easily, Lancium pioneered its power orchestration technology and capabilities in this space.

Today, we offer a variety of services to miners looking to procure renewable power and optimize their power usage. 

Lancium provides a one-stop shop for energy management, eliminating the need for multiple service providers. Lancium Smart Response™ can reduce power costs more than any other demand response program as part of an integrated energy management strategy.

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