Broad Reach Power and Lancium Partner to Support Grid Stability Through Flexible Data Centers

Broad Reach Power Energy Services LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Houston-based independent power producer Broad Reach Power LLC (“Broad Reach”), announced today that it has entered into a services partnership with Lancium, an energy technology and infrastructure company that advances the decarbonization and stability of the electric power grid. Under the agreement, Broad Reach, which owns a 21-gigawatt (GW) portfolio of utility-scale wind, solar, and energy storage power projects, will supply retail energy and provide qualified scheduling services for a portion of Lancium’s Fort Stockton, Texas Clean Campus data center.

“We are proud to partner with Lancium on their first Clean Campus,” said Paul Choi, EVP Broad Reach Power. “As one of the largest developers of stand-alone energy storage, Broad Reach understands the importance of responsive generation and load resources to help the economy transition to a cleaner power grid. Because of our experience managing energy storage, we are uniquely positioned to provide the necessary services for Lancium to power its Clean Campus and assist in providing flexible grid services to ERCOT. We look forward to working with Lancium and our other clients to help power the energy transition.”

Lancium locates its large-scale data centers in regions with excess renewable energy generation. This allows Lancium’s customers to benefit from low power prices and the highest concentration of renewable-generated power on the grid. Enabled by Lancium’s proprietary Lancium Smart Response ™ technology, the data centers operate in a flexible manner, responding to grid conditions in real-time. This ability to operate flexibly has allowed facilities enabled by Lancium Smart Response ™ to qualify as “Controllable Load Resources” (CLR) under ERCOT protocols.

“As the generation mix evolves and generation from renewables grows, grid operators are looking for solutions to help address the challenge of intermittency,” said Shaun Connell, EVP of Power for Lancium. “Because our technology allows data center power consumption to move up and down with grid conditions, we are able to help stabilize the power grid and encourage the development of even more renewable generation. We believe Broad Reach’s vision and experience in how to manage dynamic energy storage resources will help support Lancium as we continue our work to advance the reliability and resiliency of the electric grid.”

The first phase of Lancium’s Ft. Stockton Clean Campus, a 25-megawatt (MW) data center, is expected to be fully operational this summer. The facility is expected to begin participating in  ERCOT’s ancillary services market in late summer.

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